The future of Repella Fella

The future of Repella Fella

After 6 years of development, Repella Fella is now live on Steam.

Hooray! But what happens next? Well, assuming a sequel is viable – quite a lot! First, let’s go over some stats and random facts about the game:

  • The game consists of 649 animation files
  • Animation files have a combined length of 6 hours, 3 minutes and 59 seconds
  • There are over 90 paid voice actors
  • Thousands of lines of dialogue (at least 5,000, but likely double that. Maybe triple. I really can’t be bothered counting.)
  • Repella Fella was featured in the Aus Indie showcase at Pax 2022 (Melbourne)
  • Jay Anthony Franke (JCDenton from the original Deus Ex) voices an American character
  • Kenjamin Lafayette returns as the voice of Ray
  • A free prologue released on Steam
  • A pirate version of the game was specifically created for pirates, released by FitGirl

A little about Repella Fella and the plan moving forward:

Global voting period

Those that have finished the game will be familiar with how this works. For those who are unfamiliar; the voting period is a designated time when all players can cast their votes to determine how the sequel begins.

Think of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s endings. There are four, you picked one, but the canon ending ends up being something you had no say in. What’s the point? Here, you’re at least given some sort of voting power for the sequel and what is canon, and I have more than enough ideas to expand on any one of the final three options.

Repella Fella - voting screen
Repella Fella - voting screen

How does it work?

It’s easy. You finish the game (on Steam), you make your choice and an achievement unlocks. The choice with the most achievements decides where we all go from here. It’s like a single global choice. Players have the chance to vote from June 5th 2023 until August 5th 2023. It is recommended you only vote once during this period.

Regardless of which ending has the most votes, all of your choices will carry over.

How about a sequel?

A sequel will depend on two things; interest and viability. If people enjoy Repella Fella, I’m more than happy to continue with a sequel, but I’ll also need to be able to pay the bills as well as voice actors for their work. It isn’t cheap.

I’ll gauge interest by looking at the number of players and user reviews, and I’ll determine viability by seeing how much money I can make from selling the game. A pretty simple equation!

Are you going to start any part of the sequel now?

No. I have many, many ideas. Particularly of how I will take the choices from the first game and how they will affect things in the second. For now though, it’d be nice to have a break. Once the voting period has ended I will assess everything and go from there.

Can I play the full game for free?

Cheeky question, but fuck yeah, you can! As I mentioned earlier, FitGirl helped create a pirate version specifically for thievi… pirates. It’s going to get pirated anyway, right?

Wanna grab a copy? Head over to 1337x or Fitgirl’s site and download it. You’ve got my full permission and everything. Go forth.

Perhaps you can’t be bothered doing that, but still want to see some of that sweet pirate edition content. I’ve got that covered too (thanks to Emily Goeman who sung the lyrics (who also voices Matilda (a super talented lady))).

I present the intro movie for Repella Fella: Pirate edition:

Can I follow updates somewhere?

I’m not a big social media person. Updates will likely only be found on twitter, which will also reference blog posts made on this site. If you need to get in touch, abuse me or send death threats; you can send an email or contact me via the game’s Steam discussion forum. You might also find me on Discord.

What else?

I dunno. My brain’s cooked. I can’t believe it’s finally done. I’m going to do something else while I wait for this to succeed or fail.

Either way, I finally made a Steam game. Enjoy Repella Fella!